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Using vertical spaces in small rooms

Modern-Functional-Shelves-Design2 There are decorative solutions available that enable you to decide which things you want to keep in your room and which things should be disposed of. Presentation You can achieve the best form of presentation by installing customized wooden or aluminum shelves to show your collectibles. The shelves should be made in such a way that they are able to show whatever you want to keep on them. These items can be anything, from books to crockery and so on. Though there is no technicality involved in keeping books on a shelf, however, crockery may pose some problems. For cups and saucers, you may order hand-made wooden racks that will show the stuff in a sophisticated way. If you have an impressive collection of wine bottles, you can get a carpenter to build a floor-ceiling wooden shelf in order to present this collection. Alternatively, you may also go for shelves made of glass. However, these are quite expensive. To make it more presentable, you may add customized lighting to the whole setting. Twinkling lights at the upper end of the shelves will look exquisite. 51bbf576dbd0cb1e630004c4._w.540_s.fit_ Arts If you are serious about presenting your collection of artworks, you may install a vertical gallery in a very small room. You may show the large-sized painting by laying them on the floor in such a way that their backs are touching the wall. The smaller ones can be hanged above them towards the ceiling. Wooden frames can be made and installed in the doorways so that pottery or small statues can be placed on them. decorations-livingroom-sweet-small-living-room-trendy-design-with-luxury-glass-chandelier-and-brown-armchairs-small-shde-lamps-on-cool-small-woodeb-cabinet-as-well-as-white-rooms-decor-deasign-beauti Storing There is a very common problem with small house: the unavailability of proper storage space. This problem can be addressed by installing wooden cabinets in order to keep all those items that cannot be displayed to everyone. An avid reader can use these cabinets for storing all those books that he always keeps in the house. Again, glass showcases built to the ceiling can be used for keeping books. Summary Finding space for displaying items or storing things can be a very serious issue in small houses and apartments. For this purpose, vertical spaces are very suitable. With the help of customized shelves and cabinets, all of this space can be use for various purposes.]]>


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