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Unique pet accessories that every owner will like to get

cat-scarf Scarf for Cats: If you are worried about your cat catching cold while going out then now there is a solution available for you. A knitted scarf will work as neck warmer for your cat. However, you cannot predict how long you will be able to keep it on your kitty.


Sweaters for Penguins: These sweaters are not for looks only they help to protect the penguins from oil pollution. Oil can mat their feathers and prolonged exposure can lead to death. The sweaters help to keep them warm as well as prevent preening which can result in intake of oil present on their body.


Diapers for Chickens: Kate’s birds were inside more often than being outside the house and it was becoming difficult to keep all the birds clean. She came up with an idea of sewing cloth diapers for her chickens. The idea soon became popular and she now makes about hundred diapers per week for other farmers in the locality.


Jeans for Elephant: As part of promotions for Denizen jeans, two representatives from the company came to Jaipur, India to take part in the elephant pageant, which was held in the city. The elephant wearing the jeans pant did not win the contest; however, it became quite popular among the locals.


Boots for Pig: We all know that pigs love to be in the mud but on the contrary some may not like to get their feet dirty especially if they are suffering from mysophobia which is fear of dirt. As a solution, one of the farmyard owners made miniature boots for one of their pigs that did not like to go into mud. Many other farmyard owners have picked up the idea and getting such boots for their pigs. Summary: These accessories are unique and most of them work as useful utility for your pets. Some of these like the pig boots and chicken diapers are helpful for the owners in managing their pets properly, while others are useful for protecting the pets from harsh weather conditions.]]>

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