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Turn your large rooms into warm and comforting spaces

It would always be a fun to live in large spacious rooms with too much of space all around. However, decorating this area in a tasteful manner can be really challenging. Small furniture, improper accessories, inefficient use of space and lack of planning can make the space look uncomfortable, boring and empty. Read the article to learn some smart tricks on how you can make your large room look comfortable, warm and inviting.

Decorating Large Rooms

1. Divide your space

Before starting the decoration of your large room, divide the whole space into smaller areas for different activities. The smaller spaces will be easier to decorate. You can place comfortable sofa and chairs near fireplace for conversation, couch and bean bags near television for entertainment, armchairs, table lamps and recliners near the window for reading and even a small desk and a chair for office.

2. Define your space

You need to define the space to make it look welcoming. Use rugs, carpets, dividers to define the room. Take care to choose rugs and carpets in big sizes so that they do not look lost in the room.

3. Use unifying color

Paint the wall with a unifying color. Neutral paints would be the best. However, if you love colors, it would be better to use your favorite accent colors on carpets, rugs and some art pieces so that they stand out against the neural walls.

4. Use dark and warm colors

If you are not a big fan of neutral shades on the wall, it will be absolutely okay to use dark colors. Dark colors make the room look warm and cozy. Give wings to your imagination and choose any good color for your wall. All colors go well with large spaces.

5. Choose expensive accessories in neutral colors

You would definitely not want to part with your favorite expensive and durable accessories. So, it is better to choose them in neutral colors so that they go well with all your room makeovers and taste changes. You can in turn choose to replace those pieces which are less expensive and can be changed often.

6. Add lots of texture to your room

Lots of fluffy cushions, big fur pillows and velvety rugs can be added to a large space to add some texture. This will help to give a comfortable look to the space.

7. Magic of light

Use lamps that focus the light down. Place such lamps in the areas where you want to create an intimate space. The lighting effect of these lamps will help you to concentrate and give a dramatic experience to particular spaces of the room.

8. Decorate the room with large items

Small furniture and decorative pieces would seem lost in the vast space. Therefore, choose everything in accordance with the size of the room. Large sofas, chairs, tables, paintings and other accessories would look good and draw attention. Take care to buy cushions and pillows with large patterns. Heavy curtains will also add to the warm look of the room.

9. Use false ceiling

A high ceiling can make the room look very large and spacious. Install false ceilings to give an illusion of cozy spaces by decreasing the height of the ceiling.

10. Do not use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and make the room look bigger and brighter. Avoid using mirrors in large rooms. However, if you want to use mirrors, place them in a position where they do not reflect too much of light and thus do not make the room look larger.

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