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Trends in interior decor that are over prevalent

1villa Taxidermy and open spaces: Many people choose to keep deer skulls and stuffed animals as décor items-while we may never really figure out why people do this, this is one trend that is old and overdone. If you are decorating your home or office, this is one thing that you will want to stay away from. Open layout concepts added to all aspects of the room, this may look pristine and peaceful if done well, but it is a trend that we see everywhere and one should consider using walls again. kitchen-track-lighting Clichéd designs and stainless steel: What really looks bad is trying to create Parisian theme by adding a Eiffel Tower on shelves, complete with the harlequin rug. The same can be said for other country based themes like Asian or Mexican inspired designs; they really lack originality and actually stereotypes cultures. Kitchens today are filled with tot muchstainless steel, granite counter tops and look too uniform. Stainless steel today is being used outside of the kitchen and is being incorporated into contemporary designs. There seem to be very few kitchens that look like home kitchens instead of restaurant ones. quirky-interior-design-eclectic-tase-3 Quirky designs and décor food: Quirky designs have flooded most homes and really destroy the real atmosphere of the home. These designs were initially use to add a unique and contemporary feel to a room, but we see it everywhere, so in truth it has lost its charm. Food has also been used as decoration has been around for ages; this is made worse when no one eats the fruits on display and is particularly annoying if the fruits are fake! industrial-vintage-interior-design Neon and distressed things; Neon belongs in the eighties and should say there, they are only acceptable in offices and eateries that need to attract customers and look insane in homes. People go to any lengths to get a vintage look, but adding a coat of white paint to gorgeous old furniture to get the vintage chic look is just wrong. ]]>


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