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Top themes for living rooms 2014

Patterned-textiles-in-a-modern-living-room Top themes for living rooms 2014 When you are designing a living room ,the first and foremost thing you have to keep in mind is what purpose the room will serve and for whom. Consider different choices accordingly if you stay alone,  have friends visiting all the time or have little children running about the house. When you consider the people you will entertain and the traffic the room is going to incur, only then go for a living room which suits your current lifestyle and way of living. Small-Living-Room-Interior-Design

  • Contemporary – This theme is making its mark in a lot of living rooms this year. With clear cut and sharp-edged furniture, sofa sets and modern color schemes like browns, grays and whites thrown together, it is the perfect living room space which spells modern and style. Wooden floors in earthy brown, sofa sets in grey, rugs in black and a lot of natural light flooding into the room are some of the statements being made in this theme. Stripes in black and white on the floors or even on the roofs are so amazing which come in this theme.
  • Bright white – Clean, crisp white with mustard accents is another theme that is hitting the right chord with people for living rooms this year. Furniture in white, whether sofas, shelves , cabinets or chairs are in, along with cushions thrown in the same color or a few of them in different color to serve as accents. White floods this theme with even the wall hangings and other décor in plain white. This theme has an overall effect of relaxation n simplicity and serenity and brightness served in the form of candles or LED lights or even a lampshade all done in the same color. Throw in some color in the form of flowers but keep the rest of the whites intact.
  • Eclectic – The living room is getting a lot of color with this theme which is in current demand. Whether it is wall hangings , sofas sets, partitions or even couches, you can see dollops of color in everything in such a living room. Whites, pinks, yellows, blues and even silver can find its mark in this theme of a living room.


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