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Top themes best for your kids’ room

20-awesome-shared-bedroom-ideas-for-your-kids-1 Decorating your kid’s room with a specific theme requires thoughts and creativity. Again, different children’s room would have different themes. A boys room with have something like outer space, some cartoon like lion king or maybe some super hero theme whereas a girl’s room would be more feminine with a dolls house theme. children-s-furniture-sets-girls-hello-kitty-57257-1515165 The Hello Kitty theme The Hello Kitty theme is one of the most favorite themes of your sweet girl’s room. You can decorate the walls with wallpapers from Hello Kitty, or may be decorate the cabinets with a certain color that your girl loves best. Finished-Kids-Room1 Disney themes Who does not like Mickey, Donald and Goofy? Or maybe if you think further, the Disney characters like lion king, the Disney princess theme, character that come straight out of Walt Disney and more. Try decorating the walls with their favorite characters. You can also put on Disney themes pillow covers and bed covers on their beds so that they have a vivid feeling of the theme. For your smaller children you can try out bedcovers and pillow covers of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and for your bigger ones try out Little Mermaid, Beauty and the beast, Lion King and many more. l_3f2abf00-7b0d-11e1-bfe2-f38b77500002 The lion king theme  The lion king theme is a very apt theme for your boys bedroom. Every child likes to watch Simba the lion cub grows up into a handsome Lion and his journeys on the way. Hand curtains which portray forests, put up posters of Lion king and his friends Timon and Pumba, and have the bed sheets changed into Lion king ones. Photo_Video_24967857_medium The Under the water theme  If your child has a fascination for under water transform your kids room into an underwater theme where the walls of the rooms would be blue. Hand different marine creatures from the ceiling of the room and fit in lights that would give the room a feeling that it is under water. You can also try out the space theme where instead of marine creatures you can hang up stars, moon and sun from the ceilings. Try out these different themes and your kid would love it!]]>


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