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Top ideas for terrace gardens

terrace-balcony-garden-02 Top ideas for terrace gardens Terrace gardens have such potential to be a thing of beauty and a space where we can unwind and relax. You can grow all sorts of vegetables for your own consumption as well besides adding beautiful flowers of your choice. Terrace being a construction result will not have certain factors necessary to grow vegetation.  So some guidelines ought to be followed when you are creating a terrace garen for your home. These are the must have’s and must do’s for a terrace garden. 7938250246_54810b84a0

  • Soil – Find the perfect type of soil to suit the growth of plants specifically. Plan how you would bring the soil and where you would like to put it. You can grow grass by putting in on the ground or if you just want pots for your plants, that can be good too. Try to opt for plants which have a low growing root system so that there is no difficulty for them to grow.
  • Drainage – Water is a no-brainer for plants and a terrace garden thus. Plan how you would make arrangements for the water to reach the plants so that they thrive well.
  • Get the right furniture – Always get good seating space for your garden. A terrace garden can be a good way of relaxing alone as well as entertaining guests. So keep these factors in mind while buying furniture, whether you just want some chairs to relax , whether you want cook-offs to be organized at times, whether you want to sunbathe or just catch friends for coffee or drinks.
  • The flowers and plants – The terrace garden should be a combination of a variety of things rather than sticking to one particular flower or a fruit. Get an assortment of beautiful plants, shrubs, herbs, vines and creepers, flowers and fruits in season and make it a truly beautiful sight. This will bring color and vibrancy and you will feel like staying on the terrace all the time.
  • Get creative – You can put all your throwaway items like a used shoebox holder, wine racks , teapots, etc to grow plants in them . Try to maximise space by hanging them from rods or the shade.


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