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Top five steel roller coaster in North America

A roller coaster is usually seen in amusement parks to provide people with exciting experience of going up and coming down at a remarkable speed. The roller coasters have a track that rises in a designed pattern. Most of the roller coasters have multiple cars for passengers to sit. Two or more cars are hooked together and called a train. The roller coasters are usually made of wood. However, there are many roller coasters in North America that are made of steel and provide a better experience than that of wooden roller coaster. Let us discuss few of the top roller coasters in North America. Apollo_s Chariot1 Bizarro Bizarro provides an excellent blend of thrill, coaster elements, pacing, location in the park, and other features. The specialty of this roller coaster pushes the superman themed roller coaster up and away to the top of the list. Apollo’s Chariot The roller coaster, Apollo’s chariot is located in the Busch Gardens Williamsburg in VA. The roller coaster is believed to be incredibly smooth though it has 210 foot drop and 73 mph speed. Montu This roller coaster is present in the Busch Gardens Tampa in Tampa Bay, FL. Montu is believed to be one of the best inverted coasters. It provides the riders with a wild experience by taking them on a wild journey where the train hangs below the tracks. When Montu sends a trainload of dangling legs literally head over heels through one of its many inversions, the sight becomes incredible. The experience provided by Montu is even more exhilarating as it provides the G-forces of inversions and other elements. Griffon12 Griffon Griffon is located in the Busch Gardens Williamsburg in VA.Busch Gardens Tampa, Griffon brings the diving coaster experience up the coast to Virginia. Griffon is the second coaster of its type after Sheikra. The construction and design of Griffon is almost similar to Sheikra. It has started using floorless coaster trains to provide the riders with a more thrilling experience. Nitro You can avail the services of Nitro, the roller coaster in Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. This roller coaster is another initiative from the ride wizards at Bolliger and Mabillard (also known as B&M). Nitro offers a smooth ride though it is a perfect blend of extreme height, speed, and airtime. It is one of the most amazing rides at Great Adventure.]]>


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