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Top seven eco friendly summer dresses

Summer is a season of wearing pretty and trendy dresses. You can rock the cocktails, weddings and other occasions with well chosen accessories and good summer dress. Nothing better can happen if these dresses are eco friendly in nature made of green, recycled, up-cycled organic materials. Designers have created plenty of such green dresses without compromising on style and fashion. Check out the top seven eco friendly summer dresses.

1. ASOS Africa full maxi dress

Price: $78

ASOS Africa’s full maxi dress

ASOS Africa’s dresses have a unique kind of feel to them because they are made up of hand-woven fabric produced in Kenya and pulsating Kitenge designs from Tanzania.

USP: This collage maxi is no exclusion and combines vibrant print with a relaxed and stylish cut.

Pros: The dress is extremely comfortable as well as fashionable. An armful of bangles would look extremely pretty with this maxi dress.

Cons: This dress is made up of very delicate material therefore requires lots of care.

2. Liv ‘Gannow’ dress

Price: $148

Liv ‘Gannow’ dress

Liv is UK’s one of the most eco sensitive fashion brands. The brand is renowned for producing 100 percent organic garments and the Gannow dress is one of them. Liv uses recycled packaging and plummeting clothing miles.

USP: Gannow looks classy with an elegant shape and cowl neckline. It comes in three colors cream, purple and black. The dress makes a perfect party wear with cool jewels and heels. The drape neck and double layering at the front give a very elegant appeal to the dress.

Pros: It’s a comfortable attire to suit both formal as well as informal occasion.

Cons: Plump girls might not like the idea of wearing this dress for parties.

3. Bibico ‘Lolita’ dress

Price: $89

Bibico ‘Lolita’ dress

Cotton is believed to be hypoallergenic in nature. It makes best choice for clothing especially in summers because of its dust-mite resistant characteristics. They are good for people suffering from asthma or allergies and also for those who have sensitive skin. Moreover, it’s the best choice for people concerned with environmental issues as it is biodegradable and a renewable resource.

USP: Bibico’s Lolita dress is a beautiful dress in lemon yellow and white with delicate embroidery. It is made up of 100 per cent cotton and features a smocked section at the back. It has adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

Pros: The dress is very simple and elegant. It makes a perfect summer wear.

Cons: Light colors might not appeal to people who like vibrant colors.

4. FIN Oslo ‘Toni’ dress

Price: $281

FIN Oslo ‘Toni’ dress

We all know that bamboo is a grass and not a forestry product with short growth cycle. Therefore, it is considered a highly renewable and sustainable product that can save our hardwood forests. Bamboo could be used as a fashionable alternative to conventional molding materials.

USP: FIN Oslo’s ‘Toni’ dress is a stylish V-neck dress with draped side pockets. It is a 100 percent organic bamboo jersey dress.

Pros: The soft envelop shape is easy to carry and ultra satisfying. It is a perfect Secretary skirt.

Cons: This dress might not suit informal occasions.

5. Safari-printed tank dress

Price: $422

Safari-printed tank dress

Edun is a fashion brand founded by U2’s Bono and his wife Ali Hewson. The company is working hard to increase trade and commerce with Africa and expecting to have 40 percent collection to be African by 2013.

USP: This tank dress is a stylish one piece dress designed by Edun with the safari-inspired print on it. The safari print gives it a very brave look by relating it to Sahara.

Pros: It is a pretty party dress. It would make a cool casual wear with denim shirt and perfect evening dress with stylish bangles and gold or black sandals.

Cons: The body fit tank dress would suit only on well toned people.

6. People Tree ‘Lora’ printed dress

Price: $117

People Tree ‘Lora’ printed dress

Lora is a trendy dress for this season with hottest print in midi style. Its make is 100 percent cotton and has been dyed using natural dyes. It blends style and elegance in eco friendly manner. The dress is being loved for its ethically and environmentally sound style.

USP: It is a sophisticated knee length dress with bright pink floral print. It has been decorated with twisted fabric detail at shoulders and fancy side pockets. This beautiful dress is made in India. It is crafted in 100 percent cotton.

Pros: It’s a perfect wear for hot summer day with girly print and cool design. A formal look can be given to it by just adding heels and a blazer.

Cons: Too much flower-patterned design might not appeal to the people who like wearing sober prints.

7. Jackpot ‘Cherian’ dress

Price: $101

Jackpot ‘Cherian’ dress

Jackpot has teamed up with Made By, a Dutch sustainability NGO, to ensure proper conditions and justified pay at all its factories. Organic cotton grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers has been used for its make.

USP: Cherian dress is a beautiful summer wear with floral prints and bright colors. Cinched waist makes it easy to wear and A-line shape adds to its beauty.

Pros: The stylish design with eye catchy colors will help you stand out from the crowd.

Cons: The dress might appear over-flowery and over-printed to those who like simple and sober styles.

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