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Top 10 bath rugs under $20

Top 10 bath rugs under $20

Bath Rugs

Bath rugs are a must in your house as they not only dry your feet when you come out of the bathroom but also enhance the beauty of the room they are placed in. Bath rugs come in various shapes, sizes, styles and costs, but finding the one which will suite your home décor, requirements and space outside the bathroom is what matters. Always find out what kind of a bath rug would you need to keep outside the bathroom and according to that buy one. Select a color and material as per your room décor. There is cotton, microfiber, polyester and silky fiber bath rugs available in the market with a varied range of prices. When you select a very well known brand, the prices of the rug increase as well. Here is an extensive list of 10 bath rugs which are affordable and very chic. All these bath rugs are below $20 mark and hence are economical. Have a look and then decide on which one to buy.

1. Cotton Reversible Bath Rug Set by Ruia Home

Price: $15.54

Rug Set

Product description:
These reversible bath rugs come in a set, one is a large size and other a smaller one. These rugs are made from 100% cotton and hence absorb a lot of water. One of the rugs is available in a striped pattern with purple and white stripes on it while the other one is a plain purple one with a self design of a rectangle in the inner circumference. These two classic bath rugs are kept one on each other to enhance their beauty. They are very soft in texture and hence give a very comforting feeling. They can be washed in a washing machine and dried. These rugs can be reversed and used from both sides. The larger striped rug is available in 21” by 34” size and the smaller plain colored one is 17” by 24” size.

Product USP:
The bath rugs by Ruia Home are fully reversible and made from cotton. They are very durable and made in 4 different pastel shades which look very nice with wooden furniture.

1. Very nice color schemes used.
2. Reversible.
3. Absorb a lot of water.

2. Spa Rug by InterDesign

Price: $20

Bath Rug by InterDesign

Product description:
This simple designed Spa rug by InterDesign is a great asset for your home. When you need a quick absorbing and drying bath rug for your bathroom, you can choose the Spa Rug by InterDesign. This rug is made from micropolyester and this microfiber dries very fast. This rug is available in various sizes like 21” by 17”, 34” by 21” and also in various attractive colors like chocolate, aloe, linen, gray and water blue. The edges are interlocked and fastened so that there are no loose ends and threads. Decorate your bathroom door with this very resilient and attractive bath rug.

Product USP:
The Spa rug is a revolution in the bath rug industry. It is made from microfiber which absorbs water mush faster than cotton. The look is simple but very attractive due to the style of weaving.

1. Absorbs water very fast.
2. Dries up very fast.
3. Edges are interlocked.

3. Soft and luxurious reversible bath rugs by Ruia Home

Price: $18.94

Reversible Rug

Product description:
This very soft and reversible bath rug is made by the brand Ruia Home. They are very well known in making bath rugs which make a style statement. These luxurious and extremely soft bath rugs are designed by keeping the comfort of its users in mind. They are made from 100% cotton and are extremely water absorbent. You can machine wash and dry these rugs and they would not get damaged. The whole rug is made from cotton loops and the design looks like a photo frame. There is a huge variety of colors and sizes available and hence people can select one as per their room color. The standard size it comes in is 24” by 40”.

Product USP:
These soft and very comfort-giving bath rugs made by Ruia Home are made from cotton and can be reversed every 2-3 days to make it look fresh every time you turn it around.

1. Available in many colors.
2. Made from pure cotton.
3. Very soft and gives a comforting feel.

4. Hoot Bath Rug by Allure Home Creations

Price: $16

Hoot Bath Rug

Product description:
The Hoot Bath Rug designed by Allure Home Creations is shaped in the form of an owl. This very innovative and very well designed bath rug will make smiles flash when one sees it. The rugs are made from 100% cotton and have a backing made of latex which prevents the rug from slipping. You can match the bath rug with Hoot shower curtains and body towels. They make a good set of bath accessories. Maintaining these bath rugs is very easy and you can wash them in the washing machine. The color the owl is made in is also toned and subtle, making it look sober.

Product USP:
The design of the bath rug is such that it can suit a kid’s bathroom. The rug is a thin one but has latex backing which will prevent the rug from skidding. It will look good on white flooring which would bring out the colors of the owl.

1. Made from cotton.
2. Has a latex backing.
3. Shaped and designed like an owl.

5. Oval crochet rim Bath rug by Simply Shabby Chic

Price: $19.99

Oval crochet rim Bath rug

Product description:
The oval shaped bath by Simple Shabby Chic is a great bath rug for plush homes. The oval shape looks good in any kind of house and in front of any bathroom door. The bath rug is made from 100% cotton and hence can be washed easily in the machine. It soaks in water instantly which gives you a dry feeling every time you step on it. The border of the bath rug is sewed in crochet and looks very homely. The edge is sealed very well to prevent any loose ends. It is available in 21” by 34” size and is large enough for a normal sized bathroom door. Make sure no bleach is used when washing it, else it can get damaged.

Product USP:
This bath rug is made from 100% cotton and has an economical price to it. The rug has a high water absorbent level and hence can be kept in front of a kid’s bathroom as well.

1. 100% cotton.
2. Crochet border to the oval shaped bath rug.

6. Bath Rugs by Blair

Price: $14.99

Bath Rugs by Blair

Product description:
Made from durable Nylon, the bath rugs by Blair are very economical and comfort giving. These bath rugs have sober designs on them which will enhance the beauty of your flooring. The backing of each mat is made from latex and hence prevents any kind of slipping. There is large variety of colors available from brown to peach and Merlot of purple, almost all sober colors are available. The rugs have a cut and loop make and hence are very durable. There rugs are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Product USP:
These very dura
ble bath rugs by the brand Blair and are available in various colors, from pastel shades to bright colors. They are made from nylon, hence they last very long and perform all their functions very well.

1. Have a latex backing to prevent slipping.
2. Available in various colors and sizes.

7. Capri Bath Rug

Price: $19.50 onwards

Capri Bath Rug

Product description:
The Capri bath rug is a lavish and very luxurious looking bath rug which will add style and comfort to your room. Made from the soothing acrylic microfibers, this rug has a look of a pile of silk. The fibers are glossy and make your feet feel pampered when you step on it. You can let your feet relax on the soft fibers after a long day at work or when you wake up in the morning. It helps keep your feet warm when you are standing on it in early winter mornings and hence is a complete comfort item. The silk-like fibers are soft on the feet and give a glossy look. When you use luxurious furniture for your room, this rub will always enhance the beauty of the room. The edges are woven to prevent any loose threads and give a good finish.

Product USP:
Available in white color, the Capri bath rug is a must when you want to add a dash of luxury to your bathroom accessories. The back of the rug is made of thick cotton which prevents any skidding or slipping. Two different yarns are used in making this bath rug and hence the rug has a luster.

1. Made from easy-to-maintain acrylic microfiber.
2. Anti-slippery cotton base.

8. Garland’s Bentley Shag bath rug

Price: $12.99

Bentley Shag bath rug

Product description:
The Garland’s Bentley Shag bah rug is made from Invista Comforel Nylon which gives it a softness and luxury look which will enhance the beauty of your room where the bathroom is located. These rugs can be washed in the machine and have a latex base which prevents the rugs from slipping under your feet. This rug is so soft; that it can be pure luxury for your feet when you come out of the bathroom after a shower. You get 6 different sizes in these rugs along with different shapes as well. They come in some basic but very tempting colors.

Product USP:
The bath rugs made by Garland have a latex base or backing which will prevent any kind of skidding or slipping when you stand on it. It’s a perfect bath rug when you have children in the house.

1. Skid proof.
2. Soft and luxurious feel.
3. Color does not fade away.

9. Organic Cotton bath rug by Land’s End

Price: $19.99

Organic Cotton bath rug

Product description:
Made from organic cotton, these reversible rugs stay clean and environment friendly. The cotton feels soft and very nice when you stand on it. The design is such that there are stripes of slightly high and low piles of cotton, which help in cleaning feet well. The texture also improves with this design. These rugs are made from 100% cotton and hence can be machine washed. You can opt for any of the 8 different colors and sizes of 16” by 23”, 20”by 33” and 23”by39”

Product USP:
The high and low piles of cotton on the organic cotton rug improve the texture and feel of the bath rug. The rugs are reversible and hence you get a new looking rug every time you flip it over.

1. Colors available which can match your room decor.
2. 100% cotton.
3. Organic cotton used which is environment friendly.

10. Combed Cotton bath rug by Land’s End

Price: $19.50

Combed Cotton bath rug

Product description:
The organic cotton bath rugs by Land’s End are a must when you need comfort and advantage out of a bath rug. They are made of 100% cotton, hence they absorb water very well and are reversible so you can flip them over every 2-3 days and then you have a new rug. The cotton is soft and very well combed to get the perfection one needs from a bath rug. It lasts long as it’s reversible and hence giving you complete value for money. The edges are sewed well and no threads comes out. You can get 9 different colors and sizes of 16” by 23”, 20”by 33” and 23”by39” in these rugs.

Product USP:
It’s a ‘must-have’ in your house as it is highly durable and made from cotton. Light in weight and can be reversed often to give a new look to the rug every time. It can be machine washed.

1. Various colors and sizes available.
2. Easy to wash in a washing machine.
3. Made from 100% cotton.

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