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Country style bathroom decorating ideas

After a long hard day, we often want to go to a relaxing spot to rejuvenate. With the help of a few tips, we can always transform a little section in our house such as the bathroom into a tranquil retreat. The bathroom is also the perfect place for a country theme. With a few decorating ideas, you can capture the spirit of country living during modern times and turn your bathroom into the perfect place, where you can come back and relax after a hectic day. Image Credit Tips Treat 1. Select the country décor colors Color is the prime thing that needs to be taken into consideration. Choose dark colors such as dark reds, browns or blues as a background. Coordinate the color of the walls with the flooring and bathtub, and give your space a warm and cozy feeling. Make sure you make use of water and fungus-proof paint to color your bathroom into your desirable shade. 2. Architecture Give an authentic feel to your bathroom by placing a vintage footed tub in front of the wall, or by painting floorboards and using old-fashioned brass floor-mounted plumbing. Image credit 3. Choose a theme Choose a theme within a theme. After all, there is so much you could do with the countryside idea. If you want to go for a romantic country style, use a border of flowers or roses that appear to be oil-painted to decorate the area. If your choice is a traditional red and white farmhouse country look, ideas like border of daisies, wicker baskets can work well. 4. Lighting To add to the rustic charm of your bathroom, attach country lighting fixtures. Lighting not only is functional, but also works as an additional accessory. Rustic wall sconces, a vintage chandelier and oil lamps are worth to try your hands on. Image Credit 5. Think of some creative accessories Use wooden cabinets, wicker baskets and pretty enameled jugs to complete the country look. Anything wooden will add to this ambiance, so wood towel racks or even a wooden toilet seat would work very well. You can play around with the look of other accessories such as an Eden cabinet, linen basket, canvas, jug, tumbler, bathmat, towels and roller blind, etc too. 6. Do not ignore windows Use the perfect material to adorn the windows to complete the look. If your pocket doesn’t allow much, take a look at the season’s fabrics and hang a panel at the window with ribbon strips to enhance the look. Image credit 7. Choose natural material Use a surface-mounted stone basin if you want the country look. Put a wall-mounted mixer tap to complement it, but check to see if your wall is sturdy enough to take these fixtures. 8. Storage You can store your towels and other necessities in wicker baskets shaped in different sizes. A pedestal sink and a round or oval shaped wooden framed mirror on top of it would look great, and so would a claw-foot bathtub. All of them bring out the country vibe very well. Image Credit 9. Wall embellishment Adorn the walls with a mirror or add shelves or cabinets to create a storage space. You can store the towels, grooming products and other bathroom essentials here. Leaving walls empty will move you out of the theme. 10. Bathroom curtains Shower curtains are important. In fact, they are the focal point of the bathroom. So, start the decoration process by picking a good one. It could be an excellent guide to choosing the rest of the country-themed accessories. Image credit

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