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Tips to style open shelves in your kitchens

open-shelving-near-sink-bhg Choose Shape and Size Wisely If you intend to install some open shelves in the kitchen, choose the shape and size wisely. Check the space you have in the kitchen for the shelf. Also, look at different shelf options, which would let you determine how much space you are left with in the kitchen after they are installed. For instance, while vertical open shelves would let you have floor space while occupying the walls, a standalone unit would eat up space. kitchen-country-style-Ideal-Home Choose according to Theme If your kitchen is designed based on a particular theme, follow the same theme when choosing open shelves. For instance, a modernized open shelf would look out of place in a Victorian style kitchen and wise versa. If you do not have a particular theme for your kitchen though, opt for shelves that look good with each other as well as the other shelves in the kitchen.  Accordingly, the items you choose to display on these shelves must also complement them. open-shelves-on-kitchen-41 Choose to keep them Stocked Having open shelves installed and keeping them empty or half-filled would do no good to the look you want to achieve. Try to keep the shelves stocked at all times or at least for most of the time. Stocking the shelves with items that you do not use often is an excellent way to achieve this, or you can shift around some pieces if you find empty places on the shelves. Summary Open shelves are great ways to make your kitchen look more stylish, and let you display some of the finer pieces of kitchen items you own to guests. So consider different aspects when opting for open shelves for your kitchen. You will love the look for sure.]]>


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