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Tips to select the most effective solar energy system for your home

8951599183_a5c40b4f2d_z Cost plays an important factor when determining the type of solar panel to be installed in the house. A perfect balance needs to be struck between performance and cost. And so, one would need to opt for solar panels that are both cost effective and best performing in their price range.Efficiency and performance of the solar panels are very important prerequisites to be considered before installation. As the efficiency increases, so does the power produced. Solar panels intended for home use typically have efficiencies of about 20% that can be utilized properly for home needs. Durability also comes into play when choosing solar panels for home needs. One would need to choose solar panels that would last for at least 15-30 years to improve cost effectiveness down the lane. Choosing solar panels usually used for off grid or larger grid tie solar systems would enable individuals to remain at ease as these solar panels come with warranties, and typically last for years without decreasing in performance or efficiency. 5218677659_7444b8827c_z Another factor that needs to be considered when installing a solar energy system in the home is to choose a style that goes in accordance with the design of the home. In most cases, solar panels are mounted onto southern facing roofs. If this side of the roof faces the street, then permission has to be sought from the neighborhood organization or subdivision. Accordingly, while some organizations may ask for the solar panels to be made of low profile, integrated thin film, others would ask the panels to be installed out of sight from the main street. Knowing the different types of solar panels is also an important consideration when choosing one of the homes. Accordingly, there are four types of solar panels in the market. These include the mono-crystalline, poly crystalline, flexible and amorphous solar panels. Of these, mono and poly crystalline solar panels are widely used for homes. Summary You need to consider certain aspects before installing a solar energy system in your home. These factors would help the concerned individual narrow down his/her choices to a select few solar panel designs that would work best for his/her home.]]>


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