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Tips to plant trees for effective conservation of energy

plant-trees Planting trees is a long-term investment, which will surely benefit you in the future. With trees planted suitably, you can stay cool green and do your bit to reduce energy naturally as well. Planting the trees in the correct place is very important. The benefits of the trees can be enjoyed with their correct position. If you plant a deciduous tree to the west of your house, you get ample shade in summer, which will highly decrease your electricity bills. Shaded air conditioners are known to work more efficiently. This will reduce energy requirement of the utility company resulting in less use of fossil fuels and finally lesser carbon dioxide emissions. The same tree after losing its leaves in winter will allow sunlight to enter your house giving you warmth and reduce the dependence on heaters. 4919374766_9edcc740b1_z An evergreen tree if planted in the west side will block the path of sunlight to give you a cooler and darker house in winter. To avoid this, plant the evergreen trees to the north. Thus, you see that the direction is an important aspect to be looked up on before planting the trees. Considering the size of a fully-grown tree is equally important.  A wrong tree in a wrong place can be very hazardous to your house. Branches near the electric wires can be a hindrance to the power supply of the area, while the foundation of a house can go weak because of very close tree roots. Trees planted near footpaths, patios and sideways not only cool the concrete of the roads but also the entire yard, neighborhood or even the whole area.  Trees also prevent the surface run off due to strong winds and storms. Summary: Trees take the carbon dioxide from the air and return enough oxygen for human beings. They reduce our expenses on fossil fuels and electricity bills to a great extent.  The only thing required is proper planning for tree plantation and taking care of the trees. This is the least we can do despite of their great importance.]]>


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