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Tips to keep in mind if you are planning to use bright wall paint

Yellow-Wall-Paint Paints in very bright, bold and festive colors are the current trends, but you need and eye for design in order to be able to get bring wall paints right. Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to create impact in your home, but precise painting projects like accented walls can be tricky. red-color-home-decorating-ideas-3 Pick the wall that needs a make over: Choosing the right wall should be done with a lot of care, ideally experts suggest that you choose a wall that is a focal point, and this is usually wall that you see as soon as you enter the room. It can be the wall behind the fore place, the giant window etc. Pick that wall which has some architectural charm to it like a fire place, book shelf or a large window hat over looks the garden. Stylish-Paint-Colors-Bright-Home Wall décor: Take into account all the paintings, shelves and other decor on the wall like ornate decals and mirrors. Turning this wall into an accented one will make it look like a cluttered one; another ideal place for an accented wall is one that is near a stair case that does not have any decoration on the surrounding walls. colorful-interior-design-bright-room-colors-8 Colors and designs: If you are painting on a solid color, paint one wall that will be slightly darker and more vibrant then the other walls. For example, if you are going with a beige colored paint, paint an accented wall in a deep red color, as it will stand out and become a focal point. If you want a dramatic look, add stencil wall accents but uniformity is the key to good stencil accents, so pick a stencil that will fit the entire wall and paint the inside of the stencil using the accent color. Bright-Cheerful-Ideas-Home-Paint Decorations: You don’t have to add more decoration to an accented wall that is directly behind the fire place, book shelf and statement architectural pieces. Bare walls need a theme and don’t add colors that clash.]]>


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