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Tips to decorate your home like a celebrity without overspending

decorating-ideas-for-art-in-your-home Empty the room Be sure to remove all the pieces of furniture from the room. In addition to this, remove all kinds of decorations from the room. This is meant to create a space for the finishing work that is about to commence. It would not be easy to paint a congested room. 2710268208_712a55157d_z Redo the wall paint The next stage involves redoing the wall paint. Alternatively, you could use a different shade. Celebrities tend to like darker color shades. The color should be bright as well; it should be comfortable, attractive and good for photography. Take into account the intended colors for the internal decorations. A sharp and very conspicuous clash in colour choice would be self-defeating. So take your time to pick the most appropriate colors. Alternatively, you could seek expert advice on the same. modern-furniture-design-for-small-apartment-studio-apartment-interior-design-part-1-12391 Trendy furniture work When painting the furniture in the room, choose on colors that complement the wall paint. Remember not to use the same color for all furniture pieces in the room. Try to use stained wood or painted wood finishes. While doing this, keep in close touch with the web for the latest trending designs. This would be crucial because, in the celebrity world, the trend is very important. Wrong furniture designs could easily water down your desires. very-small-living-room-ideas The room arrangement When it comes to the arrangement of the room, positioning of complimenting and contrasting objects, based on color and design, should be on top of your priority list. Be careful not to clutter the room in the course of interspersing sculpture with paintings. For the big sized rooms, use sculpture, as accent pieces make use of track lighting to bring about the much longed for dramatic effect in the room. However, apply sharp contrast to smaller rooms. The arrangement style is all at your discretion, but it must remain classic. 149856827 Refilling the room with furniture At the end of the furnishing exercise, remember to return the various decorations along with the furniture pieces covered with high quality slipcovers into your room. Summary Every one likes to decorate his or her home/room like a celebrity but without spending too much. Here are some tips to decorate your home like celebrity in a budget.]]>


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