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Tips to construct a retaining wall

how-to-build-a-retaining-wall-27-640x423Plan and layout the site: Plan the position of the retaining wall using stakes and strings. Carry out levelling off to ensure an even height of the wall. Ensure that you contact your local utilities office to confirm that there are no pipes or cables in your digging zone. They should perform this free of charge. If you would wish to be more random, simply drape the garden hosepipe. build-retaining-wall-adhesive Excavate the site: Dig a trench along the line you have laid out using a shovel. Make the trench to be wider than the blocks you will use for your wall. Ensure that the trench is as level as possible. build-retaining-wall-level (1) Laying the foundation To make the whole job look professional, begin by laying the foundation, the most critical blocks in your wall. The blocks should be adequate and level up to the top half of your wall. Starting at the most visible edge of the wall, add gravel or crushed rock to level the stone. If necessary, you may add the first block to the trench, using a corner stone. Ensure that each single side is level. Cut the top tongue of the base stones – check for sturdiness, knock the tongue off the block with a hammer, and chisel. To complete the entire foundation, use coarse sand and a rubber mallet to level the first layer. Cut individual blocks with a mason’s saw to complete the first layer by simply marking them at the appropriate length and use crushed stone or gravel for backfill on your first layer of blocks. It refrain the bottom layer from slipping back with time or erosion.  Place a filter fabric over the backfill. Sweep the first layer with a broom to free up any dirt or dust. how-to-build-a-stackable-retaining-wall-1 Completing the wall  Check that each layer of blocks is different from the one below it. Place the blocks on the foundation before applying the adhesive. Look at the appearance and decide yourself whether any of them needs some cuts before gluing.  Lay out one whole row before moving on to the next step.  Ensure to lay down the female grooves first followed by the male grooves. Apply the recommended adhesive to the bottom blocks and fit the top block overhead, once you lay out the layer provisionally. If you desire topper stones, there is no reason why you should not add them. Place topsoil in the basin created by the retaining wall and now you can add plants of your choice.]]>

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