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Tips to choose composite decks

GeoDeck-driftwood-gray-composite-deckingThe best and a low maintenance alternative to wood is the composite decking. However, to choose from a wide assortment of colors, types, and styles is a very tough and a frustrating task. We are providing you with the following points that will come in handy while you make a decision to purchase composite for your deck. Read on- TREX-Composite-DeckingEnsure the material ids fit to be used in your locality There are certain materials that are not allowed to be used in a specific area. Therefore, whenever you plan to buy composite for decking purpose in your home, consult the officials to find out whether the material can be used in the city or not. FreedomFence_April16Will your deck be in the sun? Another very important point that should strike you while planning to buy composite decking material is what level of sun exposure your deck will get. Actually dark and dense colored composites heat up immensely in the sun. To deal with this specific problem, you try out various samples of different type and colored composite. Place them all on your deck site for a day and check how hot each plank has gotten by the end of the day. This way you will be able to choose the color and type that gets least heated in the sun. composite_deckingHow wet the deck surface will get? If your deck is placed on the poolside or snow is the issue and the deck is the main entry to the house, then you should refrain from composite with a smooth texture. The smooth texture becomes extremely slippery when it is wet. Therefore, if you have similar conditions as above, then go in for composites with a rough texture. 0159682_Composite-Deck_s4x3_lgChoose fasteners as you like Some people do not have any problem with the fasteners showing up on the planks, whereas there are some whom this site bothers. Suit yourself and choose fasteners as they come in two varieties – hidden and the face screws. The hidden ones cost more than the face screws. Summary: If you are planning to buy composite for your deck, simply consider the aforementioned points and choose the composite style and type that suits best to your individual needs.]]>


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