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Tips to avoid bursting of pipes in winters


  • Being prepared and informed is a simple way to avoid messy and expensive freezing of water pipes. In any condition, keep your faucets open and allow water to run. This will not allow water to stagnate. If it gets colder, keep the faucet open with water dripping out slowly. This is far cheaper than repairing the pipes.
  • Exterior spigots should be disconnected from your hose at once. The water in the hose freezes and continues to the spigot reaching to your pipes finally. The frozen water does not only cause ripping of the hose but also allows backflow of water resulting in bursting of pipe.
  • The pipes that have little or no insulation are more likely to freeze. The pipes should be covered with an insulating material all over from cold moving air and keep them dry. This is specially required in case of outdoor pipes. The insulation does not allow the freezing of condensation and moisture in the pipes.
  • You should see to it that no pipe in the basement, attic and garage, together with under kitchen and bathroom cabinets is left without insulation, as these areas experience lesser temperatures and are unheated.
  • Frozen pipes should not be dealt with carelessly. These pipes can burst even with a tiny gap once the water unfreezes. Only a professional plumber should look upon such pipes. Thawing of the pipe should not result in their bursting. Instead, keep the faucets open so that once the ice melts water will naturally flow through the frozen areas causing the melting of ice.
  • Above all is the main valve. If there is no more time left with you to take precautions, best for you would be to close the main valve and stop water supply immediately.
Summary: Frozen pipelines could be even more disastrous than they seem to be.If you follow some simple, handy tips before the onset of winter, you will be able to keep you water flowing freely even when it is cold.]]>


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