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Tips for making your bathrooms safer for the kids

78059352New parents should not wait for the time their babies learn to crawl for making necessary changes in the home for their safety. There are many unsafe areas inside your home for the little toddlers. Your bathroom tops the list. You should start by making a list of places like cupboards, drawers, electric outlets but keep bathroom on the top. tub-079Raising kids is nothing less than a challenge. You have to be cautious about their safety and security. Even if you are a dedicated parent, you cannot keep an eye on the toddler always. Some kids are naughty to say the least and engage in all sorts of mischievous activities. They may put a finger in the electric outlet despite of being scolded for doing so plenty of times or go crawling inside the bathroom and explore the bathtub unnoticed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Little kids cannot retain their balance on slippery surfaces. The bathroom floor is often slippery due to soap and water that gets spilled during baths. The floor of your bathroom is probably made of materials like laminate tile or stone. Apart from the floor, you should find out other areas of the bathroom that might prove to be dangerous for your kids. For examples the sharp edges of countertops inside your luxury bathroom, the bathtub and bathing stall. You have to foresee the dangers that different bathroom items can pose for your children. open-door-lock-without-key-15-tips-for-getting-inside-car-house-when-locked-out.1280x600 The first thing you should do is place good locking systems in the bathroom doors, so that toddlers could not enter the bathroom unnoticed. Keep the floor dry at all times and use specially designed bathroom mats for keeping pain at bay if your child falls. Make sure that all the medicines are locked safely inside cabinets or bathroom drawers. Summary:  It is your duty as responsible parents to childproof your bathrooms. Keep the bathrooms locked and make sure that the kids cannot get inside without parental observation.]]>


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