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Tips for doing up your designer addicted mom

Designer labels are something that all of us want and will do anything to get. People can be addicted to designer labels and can spend every last cent that they have on labels- this is known as oniomania. This term is used to describe the compulsive desire to shop for designer clothes. store-credit-card-worth People care capable of maxing out their credit cards and even spending rent money on clothes that are worth over thousands of dollars. Some people hang on to their American Express limit and may skip buying foods, but they don’t really care as long as they have enough cash for that new jacket or pair of sunglasses. These people can even insist on buying more new clothes, even if their wardrobe is full of clothes that still have the tags on them. Designer label addicts usually shop for approval rather then quality, quite often you may come across a person who is dressed head to toe in designer clothes and all they seem to enjoy doing is only talk about what they have on.  Designer labels promise beautiful quality that can be seen in the materials used, the construction process and the hand sewn details present on the fabrics, the extensive work is the real reason why they have such a big price tag. This is also why people are eager to invest in such innovative pieces that they can add to their wardrobe. girldress Many people invest in these pieces simply because they are designer labels, they may not really like the piece or know how to wear it well. They wear for the simple reason that they can give people a full description of the labels that they have on and don’t really care about the construction process and the fabrics or quality. Many people will actually wear many labels at once just so that they can imitate the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities and  show off what they have on to others. Designer addicts will also save on essential items so that they can buy designer clothing for them selves and even their children and pets. This is not just a trend that we see on celebrities, normal people and mums also make plenty of sacrifices so that their children can wear outfits that are worth over five hundred dollars.]]>

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