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Tips for decorating your house for your kid’s first birthday party

Planning on celebrating your kid’s first birthday party with some friends? Then here are some ideas that you would find useful when useful when decorating your home for the same.


Keep it Small and Simple

Your kid is just a year old. As such, he/she would probably not remember much about the party or the decorations. You would also need to remember that your guests would also be small kids who could get overwhelmed in the presence of too many colors, decorations, noises and strangers. So keep the decorations small and simple.

Use Child Proof Decorations

Some children have a habit of putting things in their mouth. So opt for child proof decorations. This would include ditching the confetti, crepe paper rolls and latex balloons, and opting for safer decorations like helium filled Mylar balloons instead.

Stick to your Budget

As mentioned, your baby would not remember his/her first birthday party. So keep it simple by opting for a small budget. Plan your expenses beforehand and stick to the budget. As you would find out, there are parties that can be held for below $200 as well and over $500 as well.


Opt for DIY Decorations

If you are planning the party on a shoestring budget, try making your own decorations. In addition to making your house look colorful, these would give a personal touch to the décor. For instance, you can make a picture collage of your baby right from the first month to the first year and hang it in the room. You can also make birthday banners using materials like poster board, scrapbook paper, card stock or pennant card stock. Cut out individual letters and string them together to form a colorful banner which you can hang on the wall or above the entrance. Another impactful birthday party decoration idea would be to make personalized paper lanterns which can be hung at the entrance or all over the house to create a party atmosphere. In addition to being inexpensive, these decorations are very colorful and attractive, and would definitely light up the home.

Decorating Kits

If you are pressed for time, you can always opt for customized decorating kits that would come with the materials and decorations needed for party. You can choose between different themes based on your kid’s preferences. For instance, if your baby loves animals, you can opt for a jungle themed decoration kit. If he/she likes stories, you can opt for a fairy tale themed decoration kit.


There is no need to fret about decorating your house for your kid’s first birthday party. Take these tips into consideration and plan accordingly to make the day a memorable one for your kid and his/her friends.

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