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Tips for choosing a gas fireplace

contemporary-fireplaces While some studies would show that a new fireplace investment takes up a lot of cash, other studies indicate that it could be a less costly investment in your new home.  It all boils down on choosing the right type of fireplace that is not only comforting, but at the same time pleasing to look at. Choosing a gas fireplace takes different considerations. First things first ,  before buying a new gas fireplace it is better to  consider  about  the type of gas fireplace whether it is going to be  a natural gas fireplace or a propane gas fireplace. Natural gas is a cheaper gas to use. It is common in most houses and either for heating or used in hot water tanks. Compared to butane, it burns faster and when using natural gas you can tap the fireplace right into the supply to the home.  A natural gas powered fireplace is a good option when other home appliances like the stove or heater also run through it. gas-fireplaces-lhd45 A propane-powered fireplace, on the other hand, burns more efficiently, but also requires a tank and the size depending on your frequency of use. You can place propane tank either outdoors or using propane supply inside the house, where you can hook it up with your fireplace. The second thing to think about when purchasing a gas fireplace is the amount of space it will occupy. Either go big or go small.  Large fireplaces is not necessary a cost-saving investment most of the time. Except under extreme circumstances, it could give out a lot of heat that is too much for your room.  An unused fireplace results draft problems and adds only to your power bill. Jotul GI450 DVIILARGE In relation to the first two, the gas fireplace must also depend on the heating demands of your room.  It will vary with the size of the room and the required warmth. Then, the next thing is decide on the venting options for your room where you will install your new fireplace. It comes in two kinds: vent free fireplaces or direct vent fireplaces. Direct vents need a short flue to bring in fresh air from outside and return the spent air to the exterior.   It often comes in dual options for compatibility that includes top and rear venting capabilities. The main advantage about direct venting is they are able to bring in fresh air from outside and by installing it on the wall it adds to the beauty and elegance and at the same time taking up less space. VentFree_FireplaceSystems_63_P Going with a natural vent fireplace that uses a chimney adds a traditional flair of wood fireplace, while not taking up any space.  Vent-free fireplaces, on the other hand, are easier to install, because you can attach them to the gas supply, mounted on the wall or right into the floor, and is more efficient. However, your location could be a factor, as it is not legal in some states to use vent free fireplaces. Better to check with your local codes and regulations. The fifth element to put into consideration in choosing a gas fireplace is the aesthetics. Design is a big deal in choosing a gas fireplace because the looks of the fireplace should come in harmony with the room. You have to make sure that the fireplace is suited to the surrounding design and decor. Safety is always a major concern. Therefore, before buying a new fireplace, check with a consultant to ensure that it does not violate any local building codes. Summary In choosing a new gas fireplace consider the following: the type of gas fireplace, the amount of space it occupies, able to accommodate the room’s heating demands, the venting options, and lastly the design of the new fireplace.]]>


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