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The worst accidents of the decade in USA

Knowing about the worst accident cases in the history of USA Whenever you are driving, it is important that you keep in mind the safety precautions. It is important that you keep in mind the safety standards so that you do not indulge yourself in any accidents, which might become life threatening. USA is one of the most advanced countries in the world, but somehow it is has recorded the highest number of road accidents along with various other types which has resulted in several fatalities. The reports have stated that, over a decade, USA has faced and have recorded some of the worst road accidents that have claimed lives of innocent people. coach_2167261b List of accidents over the decade in USA Below mentioned is a list of road accidents, which happened in USA over the decade, which shocked the world. Kentucky- 1988, May-14: The day was beautiful and everything was going smooth on the road. However, less was known to those who were travelling through a church bus to an amusement park that the ride would become fatal. It happened in the year 1988 around 1:00 PM when a school bus, which was serving as an activity bus for a church carrying 66 passengers for a trip to amusement park, was rammed head on by a Toyota pickup truck. It was stated that, the damage was so severe that engine of the bus was damaged which result in fire. Twenty-seven out of sixty-six passengers died on the spot while others faced critical injuries because of fire. The driver of the pickup truck was sentenced for 16 years of imprisonment. Tennessee- 1990, December-11: Fogs has been always one the reasons for accidents in USA. However, this accident, which happened in the year 1990 in the city of Tennessee, was terrible and claimed more than thirteen lives. The accident happened in the morning at 9:00 AM as dense fog was covering the roads. The main reason of accidents is still unknown, but the experts are stating it was because of the fogs. People who witnessed the accident stated that, cars were ramped each other one after the other and there was fire and dust all over the place. They also stated that, because of the fog, roads were damn which made it difficult to put the brakes. After the accident, good quality fog indicators were developed that helped the citizens in driving their cars without any causality. California- 1991- November-29: California is one of the beautiful states of USA, but it can be dangerous during the sand storms, which are common. Maximum numbers of accidents, which happen in California, happen because of the dust storms. November 29, the day of thanks giving was a surprise for the travelers who were moving on the street of California. There was a sudden gush of wind, which reached the pace of forty miles an hour along with dust storm, which had cut out the visibility of the drivers. Because of this, the automobile drivers met with accidents with other cars, which were going haywire on the streets. Once the storm was calm and rescue work started, it was seen that more than twenty people had died in the crash and more than two hundred people were severely injured.  This was one of the greatest accidents, which occurred in California. hong-kong-ferry_0 Continuing the list of accidents Virginia- 1998- July- 4: Renowned as having one of the greatest treacherous roads of all time, Virginia has witnessed more accidents that any other state in USA. People would never forget the dreadful accident, which they had witnessed on July 4, 1998. A family of seven where two adults and five children were included died in a dreadful accident when they had a head on crash with a tractor. The crash was so intense that all the seven passengers of the car and the driver of the tractor died on the spot. The reason of the accident was given as bad road conditions and storm. Virginia- 2000- February 22: In the year 2000, conditions were worse in Virginia, USA because of the snowstorm. The result of the storm was intense and claimed more than fifty lives and had reported over three hundred injured. These casualties and fatalities happened because of the snow that caused cars to crash with each other with intensity. Washington- 2009- January 19: One of the intense road accidents happened in Washington in the year 2009. The reason was reported as snowstorm, which claimed more than thirty lives and left nearly two hundred injured. It was one of the worst accidents, which occurred in the history of USA. venezuela Knowing more about the accidents online Along with road accidents, various other forms of accidents have claimed lives of US citizens. Starting from industry accident to attack on twin tower has been reported as worst accidents in decade of USA. If you are interested in knowing more about accidents in USA, which claimed lives of innocent, you can check online as there are different websites, which are providing information on the same.        ]]>


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