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The facts about 132 years old Levi’s jeans revealed

A firm that began as a wholesaler with Levi Strauss in the year 1853 has seen impeccable success in all these years. Today it is a company that has fans all over the world and the goods produced by it are known for their reliability and brand. This company started its business by selling off their products to stores located in the West. The first pair of jeans by Levi Strauss was manufactured in the year 1872 along with the help of Jacob Davis who was its business partner. This company has grown leaps and bounds over the years and it happens to be an intriguing topic of research for the historians. sales-letters The glorious history of Levis The history of Levi is indeed a gripping topic as there is so much that the company has to offer since the beginning of its launch. There are many things such as letters from old customers, tapes, clothing from old time and photographs that tell the glorious tale of the company. Recently some of the rare facts were revealed about the oldest pair of denim jeans which was manufactured by Levi. These facts are valuable and show that the company was formed to find success. 628x471 If you take a closer look at the oldest pair of jeans then you will definitely notice the delicate creases along with discerning buckle back of the piece of clothing. This pair of jeans is no less than a legend and that is why the experts handle it with extreme care and never touch it without putting on a pair of gloves. The first archives of Levi can be traced back to the year 1989 when the command of the company was in the hands of Levi Strauss’s great great grandnephew. Lynn Downey happens to be a researcher who is putting in a lot of efforts in order to dig deep in the history of Levi. Lynn began the research with around two hundred pieces of clothing and at present the collection has no less than 5000 pieces of clothing. The oldest pair of denim jeans by Levi is kept safely wrapped in a white piece of cloth and as per Lynn this cloth was purchased for an amount of $ 40,000 by the researcher. Levi has an intriguing and amazing past that tells the story of its great success.]]>

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