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The costliest condos sold in Miami of late

List of costliest condominiums sold in Miami Miami has experienced some of the most costly sale of condominiums in the past, but the list mentioned below will blow your minds, when you will be able to know about the cost and the features of those condominiums. ApogeeApogee South beach Miami: Sold at a whopping amount of 11.5 million dollars, this condominium was having the eye of maximum number of buyers. Listed at an amount of 22 million dollars, the rate of the deal was fixed at an amount of 11.5 million dollars. The apogee was listed as the most costly condominiums to be put up for sale in Miami. This is a pure mansion in every sense in the middle of Miami. Best part of this condominium is the roof, which is in full 360-degree shape from which the beaches of Miami can be experienced with ease. The ceiling of the condominiums is twenty-two feet high along with same size of doors. It even holds a air conditioned garage and quarters for maids and servants. The complete condominium is built on a area of six thousand eight hundred and fifty three square meters. In total, apogee consists of six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The maintenance cost of this condominium, which comes up monthly, is approximately eight thousand dollars. Setai:Setai This has made in the list of condominiums, which were sold in millions of dollars. This beach condominium in Miami was sold at an amount of 4.6 million dollars. The price, which was originally stated, was 5.89 million dollars but the deal was done in a low cost than expected. Best feature of this condominium is that, it is facing the beaches and the ocean that will give the viewer an exception view of the beauty in Miami. It holds a private massage chamber and spa that can help in relaxing the mind and body. It is the elegance of this place, which attracted the buyer to have this wonderful condominium at such a big amount. It even has a master suite along with three other suits, which are decorated with some of the classiest paintings and masterpieces. It is having a total space of two thousand five hundred and fifty eight square meter of space. Along with this, it is having sufficient place in the garage for holding two cars with ease. Even the bathrooms of Setai are crafted to perfection. Monthly charges for maintaining this condominium is four thousand eight hundred and eighty six thousand dollars. Continuum:Continuum The deal of these wonderful south Miami Beach condominiums was done in 3.27 million dollars. Originally, the price was stated at an amount of 3.75 million dollars. Situated amidst the sands of Miami, the view is tempting. This beach condominiums of Miami is having is built with a design of cruise ship as the edges and balcony gives the same experience. The flooring of this place is done with marble and wood and has some of the aristocratic designs, which enhances the ambiance. Built with modern amenities, this beach condominium of Miami was sold at a whopping amount because it holds high-tech fitness center and gymnasium along with sparkling clean pool and juice bar. Built on a area of two thousand five hundred and eight square foot, it was built in the year 2003. This place is equipped with three king size bedrooms and bathrooms. It even holds a parking space for two cars along with a quarter for the servants. The monthly maintenance charge of the continuum is somewhere around twenty five hundred dollars a month. Something more about the most happening sales of condominiums in Miami The association of Miami Beach condominiums have listed that, the continuum that was sold at an amount of 3.27 million dollars was again sold at a whooping amount of twenty five million dollars. This was one of the most expensive sales of condominiums done in Miami Beach.  Beaches of Miami are one of the best places on this earth to visit and relax. The high amount of sale in the category of condominiums has taken a toll because of the development of Miami. Some more condominiums sales are up in the sleeves of Miami, which are waiting for the highest bidder to set a price range.]]>


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