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Without any doubt, women just love to shop necklaces, rings, purses, bracelets and clutches. Handbags are even second most cognizant selection of girls after necklaces and diamonds. According to a recent survey, more than 22% of total women prefer to overindulge expensive bags if given an opportunity to procure branded stuff. In addition to this, most of the women spend around $150 every year on clutch bags. Louis Vuitton is first company, which introduced an array of clutch bags and gained popularity as a leading manufacturer of expensive clutches in the world. Beginning with Louis Vuitton, there were some popular brands like Fendi, Hermes, Marc Jacobs and Chanel to name a few. These brands marked an era by creating marvelous and designer handbags. Have a look on some of the best and pricey clutches you aspire to have. [box_dark]Most Expensive Diamond Clutch Bags Worth $3.8 Million[/box_dark] Designers created this clutch bag with incredible traits and price tags that portray style, elitism and pushing boundaries of latest trend. This beautiful clutch bag is decked out with more than 4,356 ashy diamonds, 56 pink diamonds and 105 yellow ones. In total, this luxury bag is enclosed with 4,500 diamonds that weigh up 381 karats. This diamond handbag has set a record in “Guinness book of world record” for being most expensive clutch across the globe. The “Mouawad Night Diamond Clutch Bag” is a heart-shaped purse crafted from 18 karats gold featuring a gold chain that is used as cling. Around ten dedicated craftsmen worked endlessly for 4 months to bring in this costly handbag as an outcome. [box_dark]High-Priced Clutch Bag By Hermes [/box_dark] Ginza Tanaka, a Japanese designer created this Birkin bag in the year 2008. Since its influx, Hermes Clutch bag evolved as second most pricey and expensive handbag. This clutch bag is bejewelled with 2,182 diamonds and has diamond strap that look as if a necklace or bracelet after detaching. Hence, this bag is decorated with eight-karat pear-shaped dazzling diamond. Best part is that you can use this Hermes bag separately as clutch or strap. With beautiful and precious diamonds, Hermes clutch bag will cost you 1.63 million. [box_dark]Diamond Forever [/box_dark] “House of Borgezie” produced Crown diamond handbag that bring in a perfect accessory to your doorstep. This Diamond clutch ducked out with 86.26 karats set diamonds and coated with solid gold. Such luxury handbags do not come cheap and this is the leading cause why women aspire to have this clutch crown despite considering its expensive price fixed at £150,000. ]]>

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