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Taking care of gelling problems in the oil burner

home_heating_oil_furnace If the oil storage tank is located outside the house, you can build a shed around it to protect it from too much exposure to the cold air. An additional heat source can also be added inside the shed to maintain the warmth. Burying the fuel line that leads to the house, deeper underground than the frost line can also prevent the oil from freezing. It pays to install the oil filter indoors near a heat source like a furnace while installing the heating system. This would prevent the oil from freezing and crystallizing in the filter and fuel lines, and clogging them up. Also, make it a point to change the filter on a yearly basis to maintain efficiency. rendering-tfs-packaged-skid-ox1024-420x315 You can also opt for a bigger (in diameter) fuel line for the heating system. Since the oil freezes near the edges of the pipe, it would take some time for the entire pipe to be blocked, thereby allowing oil to flow to the burner for a longer duration. Covering the exposed parts of the heating system, including fuel lines with non- absorbent insulation material would also prevent the oil from freezing up in these areas. Replacing the standard oil used in the heating system with a unique blend of cold weather oil can also prevent the oil from freezing up. This would also prevent damages to the system in the long run. You can call the company that installed the heating system for the same purpose, In addition to cleaning up the system and unclogging the lines, the company would recommend the appropriate blend of oil you would require (based on the temperature drop). Installing heat sheets at the base of the fuel storage tank would also prevent the oil in the tank from freezing. The heat sheets absorb heat from the ground below, and generate a thermal action inside the tank. This in turn helps to maintain the temperature inside the tank at an optimal level for the oil to remain in the liquid form. Summary If you consider certain aspects, you can handle gelling problems with the oil burner in your home’s heating system. Make it a point to keep checking the tank, fuel lines and filters on a regular basis in order to make sure you do not need to address the problem as and when it occurs.]]>


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