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Taiwanese researchers create fingernail display for mobiles

NailDisplay, aimed to bring a permanent solution to this problem. The human nail will work as a display for only the part that has been obscured by your finger. The prototype model was created using a fingernail screen sensors wired to a 2.5-cm thick OLED capacitive screen. National-Taiwan-uni-fingernail-mounted-OLED-img_assist-400x252 “The prototype will evolve into an organic light emitting coding that can be painted on to a fingernail,” shares Professor Chao-Huai Su. An area of concern was how to control the device after it was made. The limitation was a very small screen and it had to be checked whether it could be used at all. The prototype tested different words and symbols of different font sizes to check the level of comfort to human eye. Chao-Huai Su and his colleagues have declared that the project has a long way to go. The final aim is to produce a flimsy material that integrates light emitting diodes and is complete wireless at the same time. The researcher team from National Taiwan University in Taipei will be presenting a paper on their work so far in Human Factors in Computing Systems conference to be held in Paris soon. nail-display-4.jpg The researchers have been attempting to address this solution to other tools like music player as well. With a built in accelerometer, the prototype showed shuffling of music is a piece of cake with a swipe of thumb in mid air. It was also implemented on mobile phones to answer without the need of pressing a key. This will be of great assistance for the music or video players lacking built in display. For those constantly cribbing about “fat finger” problem that gets in their way of experiencing touch interface, the device can prove to be a unique alternative within a span of few years.]]>

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