Awesome Ideas

What should you do when you are expecting a power cut?

Someone who has to deal with frequent power cuts can relate to how extremely disruptive and problematic they can be.…

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Design Guide

Regular appliances and gadgets made better with solar power

When your daily usable appliances become solar powered it means that you care for the environment along with the money…

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Home Furniture

Easy steps to replace the Icemaker in your refrigerator

<![CDATA[It’s already hot outside and so now all you want is a glass of drink half filled with chilling ice…

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Green Guide

Six Simple Ways to Prevent Wastage of Food

Food is one of our basic necessities. Valuable as this resource it, it can spoil rather quickly; wastage of food…

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Life Improving Guide

Best kitchen solutions for compact homes

Kitchen shares a very special space in your house and it is one of the highest attention seeking points. Having…

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