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Sunken sitting areas and conversation pits make your spaces stylish

Sunken sitting areas AKA conversation pits are a relatively new addition to the world of home décor though its origins can be historically linked to the roman amphitheatres, Finnish saunas and Turkish hamams. Located within a larger room, outdoor deck or even in the middle of a water feature, these pits are located within depressed sections of flooring and often feature built-in seating with a fireplace or a coffee table in the center.


As a permanent feature within a room or décor, these pits are inviting and allow people to sit in close proximity and interact with each other rather informally. Seating within these pits is designed to be fixed though they can be customized with movable cushions and bolsters that are comforting as well. These sitting areas can also offer beautiful views outside the home when placed close to the window though they are also perfect for large terraces and outdoor spaces.

For decors and interiors that focus on minimalism, sunken sitting areas in rectangular shapes can be particularly flattering though most people tend to opt for a circular pit as it gives off a more seamless view from above. For an elegant appeal, these sitting areas should be put together in neutral colors that match the décor though color can be added to this space using throw pillows.


For these types of sitting areas, the décor around them and the view from within it are very important. Ideally, sunken sitting areas should be placed in the middle of very large rooms or near large ceiling to floor windows. For outdoor settings, sunken sitting areas can be surrounded with clear water or a wooden deck with small plants. For a spectacularly cozy effect, the center of the sitting area can be fitted with a fireplace to make it comfortable.

One of the biggest disadvantages with sunken sitting areas, however, remains the fact that they can tend to accumulate a lot of dust and even water as they are essentially below the floor level. Therefore, in regions that experience distinctly dry or extremely wet climates, such sitting areas should always be situated indoors. These also pose a significant safety risk in homes with young children as they can trip and fall down inside the sitting area. People with lower limb disabilities might also find making their way down into and out of such spaces incredibly hard as the entrances and exits of conversation pits are usually quite narrow.


Since conversation pits are constructed within the floor itself, they can be used as wonderful storage spaces as well. The undersides of seats built into the walls of these areas can be turned into bookcases and closed cupboards that can be used to store pillows and throws. Another great advantage with sunken seating areas is that you don’t have to worry about decorating them with anything more than cushions, throw pillows, throws, rugs and very basic coffee table ornaments and small vases.

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