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Eight stylish chopping boards for cool kitchens

Chopping boards

Any woman, in fact many men too love to shop for kitchen gadgets as they tend to make kitchen work simpler and interesting. Although, there are several things that people shop for when they are getting a kitchen ready, yet it is the chopping board that comes most handy in kitchen. This practical board piece makes life of millions of wives and mothers easier by allowing them to easily chop, cut and dice!

There are several varieties of chopping boards available in market. Here is a list of 8 stylish and practical chopping boards to ease your burdens.

1. Divertimenti


This luxurious marble chopping board is for all those concerned about contamination. This board is easy to clean and its circular design gives you ample space to cut and chop. The material resists scratches where bacteria can hide. Since it is a marble piece, hence it stays cool and is perfect for rolling out. Its heavy element and is extremely durable.

2. The cooks kitchen

The cooks kitchen

If you have little ones who always run around asking for helping you to cook, then this is the right choice for you. This simple chopping board keeps the kitchen clean when your little ones are cooking. The child friendly board is light weight and flexible. This allows you to transport all the left over bits from tabletop to the bin. Affordable option for various mothers.

3. LCD cutting board

LCD cutting board

This board is a futuristic chopping board designed by Marc Nardangeli which features touchscreen LCD display. This allows new age cooks to read recipes and follow cooking instructions. Buy this to be the new master chef.

4. Corner Cutting Board

Corner Cutting Board

Designer Peter Meier brings this board as a savior for those who have a small kitchen. This board can be stuck to a corner while its circular body gives ample space to cut. Since this board only takes an edge, therefore you save a lot of kitchen space.

5. Encanal Carving Board

Encanal Carving Board

Ernest Perera combines intelligence and style in this board. The chopping board has a channel in the middle that doesn’t make things fall outside the frying pan. So, now you don’t have to deal with the hassles of transferring chopped items slowly from board to the pan.

6. Bamboo Appetito Cutting Board

Bamboo Appetito Cutting Board

The design is stylish and unique where the cutting surface slides and paves way to the access tray where you can dump food wastes while you are cooking. Certainly you don’t have to go to the dustbin every time you peel something; you can collect all and dump later in this concealing cutting board.

7. Cut and store cutting board

Cut and store cutting board

Do you always lose your knife before you decide to chop and dice? Well, if your answer is yes than this cut and store board by Joseph Joseph is a must buy for you. Available in variety of colors, this board has a small counter to slide your knife.

8. Cutting Board Scale

Cutting Board Scale

If you want every ingredient to be measured in perfect quantity, then this is the board for you. This stylish chopping has an integrated scale at a defined surface where you can keep your cut vegetables and measure their quantity.

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