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[box_dark]Mixed prints: the latest style[/box_dark]

All ladies like to look fashionable and stylish and hence they always update themselves with the latest trends. The latest trends keep changing with seasons and most of you get to know the latest trends while some of you lose track but you don’t have to worry as we are here to keep you informed about the latest buzz in the fashion world. The mixing of different prints and styles is what is prevalent in the world of fashion these days and it has a lot of scope to it. If you try and pull it well then the mixed prints can do wonders for your overall style but for pulling it well you need to be aware of certain guidelines. If you feel blank regarding the ideas of mixed prints then sit back and relax as we will feed you some great and simple ideas that will help you to look trendy and smart.

[box_dark]Mixing prints: some handy ideas[/box_dark]

  • Floral and military: you might be wondering that both military and floral are like the South and North Pole and how can you bring them together for a smart look? They are indeed the opposite of one another but that does not imply that you cannot experiment with them as the fashion pros have done it already and the results are truly amazing. The huskiness of the military and the breeziness of the floral prints really make a good combo however when choosing them make it a point to choose a combination of sparse and dense materials.
  • Floral and stripes: there is one main thing to remember if you wish to rock this one and that is to select a smaller print for the bottom plus a larger one for the upper portion. The different colored fabrics along with stripes can work out to be a great combo indeed.
  • Animal and graphic: the animal prints happen to be bold enough to grab enough attention but if you add graphics to them then both of them really blend in. Both the patterns when mixed together make an enjoyable and are definitely good to look at. There is more than one option open for you to choose and all of them seem quite intriguing and if you do it nicely then there is no stopping from you in becoming a style diva among your friends and peers.


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