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Seven smart and space saving staircase designs

Compact Stairs

Space efficiency is really important while designing interiors. Stairs usually are very bulky and voluminous, taking up a lot of space in compact homes. Interior designers are however trying to innovate and come up with several new age creations that save on space inside our homes. A few such masterpieces have been complied for you here. You can figure out the pros and cons of these designs and think about using them in your abode.

1. Mister Step

Mister Step

Steps floating in mid air, these innovative treads have been dubbed as Mini Plus by their Italian inventors. They are compact and at the same time grab eyeballs. They come as a DIY kit that you can install easily yourself and are customizable to fit into space of different dimensions. Although traditional and warm, the metallic supports give them a progressive look.

2. Suppose Design Office

Suppose Design Office.

Conceptualized in Japan, these circular stairs will make pacing up and down quite a thrill. They are compact and look almost insubstantial. They are urbane and extremely easy on the eyes. The landing space right in the middle adds to their light airy feel. There is no stringer between the landings, so install the riser first and then lower them towards the floor.

3. Skateboard Stairs

Skateboard Stairs

A sporty look for the treads, these stairs are quite durable. Their look is not very polished so they will not go into your classy living rooms. You can install them in basement or the garage. They have a heavyweight skateboard step backed up with a strong aluminum billet.

4. Floating Stairs

Floating Stairs

Box like rungs suspended in mid air, these stairs are truly futuristic. A brainchild of Florence Architect Guido Ciomp, these stairs have been mounted at the Gray Hotel in Milan. But they cause quite a bit of irk rather than pleasing guests. Girls wearing skirts keep grumbling and overweight people are often left bewildered. Those with acrophobia, vertigo, bathmophobia, and climacophobia obviously stay away from these footsteps.

5. Disappearing Stairs

Disappearing Stairs

There are two very big advantages of installing these stairs – one is that they are space saving and seconds is that there can be no unwanted entries into your private room. With push of a button, hydraulic pistons will bundle them up against the wall.

6. TAF Stairs

TAF Stairs

One of the most compact designs that you will ever come across, their zigzag design and muddled up look can leave quite a few people dizzy. Their ease of use is under question though, some people think that the alternate treads that provide landing space for left and right foot on opposite sides is quite cool. Others list the absent railing and steepness as a hindrance. They are built in a private residence at Stockhol by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom.

7. Alternating tread stairs

Alternating tread stairs

An ingenious creation, these steps also have alternate treads and straight lines which make marching up and down real easy. However, they are not very sturdy and could cause people to trip. You will have be on the watch when children and older people are using them.

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