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Small wind turbines to give real power to the people


In late 1990’s the installation of wind turbines was in fashion. People wanted to install them to generate clean energy, even if the cost was high. But with the progress in technology and emergence of small wind turbines, which produce enough electricity to generate electricity for homes, consumers have found another incredible reason to go green. In 2008, the growth for small wind turbines with capacities 1000 KW and less in the U.S. was 78% and the market share for the U.S. was $77 million of the $156 million global total. This means that people are shifting their choice from big to smaller ones. Recently, Mariah Power in Reno has installed a small wind turbine in Indiana to generate clean renewable electricity for the people.

Small is the new big

In today’s scenario, more and more people are going for small wind turbines. There are many reasons behind the rising trend:

Cost: Small wind turbines are the most cost effective home-based renewable energy systems meeting up to 100% of the power requirements of an ordinary home. Moreover, they are cheap, if we related the overall cost and energy saved.

DIY: If you are planning to make turbines at home it will take less time, less space and less resources to make.

Wind speed: Small turbines can be easily placed where the speed of the wind is around 6m/s because of the higher density of air.

Protection: Due to its smaller size, it doesn’t pose any harm to birds.

High quality: Its simple construction means low maintenance and high durability. For example, the small Windspire wind turbine is designed to function for 20 years. It is made with durable, corrosion-protected steel and aircraft grade aluminum construction which can be protected from ice and snow.

Storage: The small wind turbine like Windspire does not use batteries for storage and uses the power as generated from the wind itself.

Small turbines, big power

fortis montana small

The small turbines have the capability of producing enough electricity to power your home; as is the case with big wind turbines providing electricity to more number of homes. The Segen has purposed a small wind turbine which is cost effective and will generate 1.9 KW to 500 KW of electricity. Similarly, Fortis Montana wind turbines with 5m/s the speed of the wind, generate around 7,500 kWh of electricity.

If you are interested in knowing more about small wind turbine trends for your home, make sure to check the slideshow.


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