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Six creative décor ideas for your holiday table

It’s the holiday season again, which means you have plenty of excuses to put your creative decorating ideas to the test. And what better way to start off than decorating the holiday table, the place where everyone gathers at the end of the day for the quintessential family meal. Accordingly, here are some decorating tips to help you out with this one.


Try Layering

Having a single tablecloth on the tale may contribute to the dull, somber look. Try layering instead to give it a party touch by running a gift wrapping paper down the length of the table. You can also add different wrappers one over the other in order to enhance the table’s visual appeal.

Decorate the Plates

Instead of placing empty plates on the table, opt to add some kind of decorative touch to them. Accordingly, you can try tying a ribbon around the silverware and placing them in the middle of the table, or adding some ornaments above the napkins to give them a colorful touch.

Enhance the Lighting Effects

In addition to the overhead lights, you can make things more interesting by adding subtle lighting touches to the table. Lights that glow from beneath the table cover on the sides, votive holders carrying candles place on the table at strategic places, or battery operated LED lights hidden inside centerpieces can make your holiday table look stunning.


Add Some Glitter

Of course no one would want glitter on their food and drink. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave the rest of the table bare as well. A little bit of glitter added to the votive, lights or table runners can give that much need sparkle to your holiday table.

Use Candy Cane Lollipops

What better way to signify that the holidays have started than placing some candy cane lollipops on the dinner table? They are inexpensive and really easy to find. What’s more, they can make your holiday table look sweeter instantly. Just pop a handful of them into a bucket, planter box or Styrofoam piece and place them in the center of the table.

Personalize Place Card Holders

If you want to add a personal touch to the holiday table, consider writing the place cards on your own. You can also opt to stick these place cards to toothpicks and then insert the same into lemons in order to give the place card holders a festive look. Opt for lemons of the same size and color for additional impact.


Once you start thinking about decorating your holiday table, ideas would surely start flowing from your mind. Keep these tips in mind as well while decorating, and ensure that you get a great looking, clutter free holiday table in the end.


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