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Simple yet effective tips to decorate your dorm room

plaid_roomAlmost all the dorm rooms look identical. White walls, white floor and very basic furniture that may fail to cover your needs. While decorating your dorm room you have to keep in mind that comfort and convention are essential but your financial resources are limited. You must not ignore your roommate’s suggestions or needs. You will have to spend the next few years with him/her, so better not get on their bad side. Consider the size of room before you pick the dorm furniture and rugs.dormRoom1If you are not extremely lucky, you may have to use a dorm room without a glossy wooden floor. Adding rugs to the décor can lift the ambience of the boring dorm room instantly. Shag and Flokati rugs are the most comfortable but they do not come cheap. Polyester rags may not be as comfortable as shag but they are definitely cost effective. Use small sized rags for accentuating different parts of the room instead of one big rag. Warm and dark colors are safer options for dorm rooms as they will not get dirty easily.dorm-room-decor-ideasInstead of regular nightstands, you can use a ladder or a small bookshelf. This way you will be able to keep books, study material and other necessary items just by your bed. You can also keep your study desk by the side of your bed.  A comfortable chair is an important furniture item that you would need in the room. You can buy many different types of chairs like swivel or pod for your dorm room. Do not opt for the large office chairs. The chair you buy should have wheels for moving it across the room easily. You can buy a beanbag for relaxation.Summary:Decorating the dorm room is not an easy feat but you can have fun making it cozy and comfortable along with your roommate. Try buying furniture from local wholesalers for getting a good discount.]]>


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