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Five simple ways to pack gifts in a green way

Eco friendly gift wrapping

Gifts are always opened with curiosity and excitement. What if a gist is wrapped in a bad way, would you like to open it even? The answer would be NO as people get attracted to gifts because of their wrapping paper, style of wrapping and how well it is done. Why not go green in the style of wrapping gifts as well? Eco friendly ways of wrapping gifts are explained below and would surely make gift wrapping an enjoyable experience.

1. Daily used items as gift wrappers:

Daily used items

Some very innovative ideas of gift wrapping can be done at home. You can use pillow covers, bedsheets with decorations, towels with flashy prints, eco friendly cloth bags with pictures or anything which can wrap a gift. This way you not only give a gift to someone but also a useful thing too. The flashy designs and prints will make the gift look very attractive. A perfect way to go green.

2. Reuse of wrapping paper:

Reuse wrapping materials

Many a times when you get gifts, the paper comes off very well and remains so. People have used really good wrapping paper and you don’t feel like throwing it away. Don’t throw it, reuse it to wrap a gift which you are going to give someone. Create different ways of wrapping a gift with this available paper. Always keep the wrapping paper folded neatly under some weight. This will prevent the paper from creasing. This saves a lot of paper.

3. Brown Bags can be used to wrap gifts:

Brown paper bags

You get brown paper bags in the market when you go to buy grocery. These bags are quite sturdy and can easily hold a small gift. If you feel the bag is too plain to wrap a gift, use water colors and do some creative finger painting on the bag. If you have a child in the house, get him involved in the activity and use his small palms to make prints on the bags. You can even use ribbons and lace to decorate the bag and make it more attractive and of course this is very eco-friendly. This is how super market brown paper bags can be reused.

4. Don’t wrap attractive containers:

Don't wrap containers

When you buy chocolates which you are going to gift, they usually come in attractive containers and bags. Go green and save on the paper which you would be using to wrap the containers. Let it be as it is as the manufacturer of the gift has taken pains in designing the containers. They look attractive the way they are in the original container. Why waste paper wrapping it up?

5. Gift Tags:

Eco friendly gift tags

The tags that you put on a gift which says ‘Best wishes’, ‘Happy Birthday’, can be made at home. If you have used business cards which you won’t be needing anymore, take two of them and paste them to each other with the printed side inside. This way the tag remains plain on either side. Then punch in a hole on one side of the rectangle and put in a colorful thread, wool or ribbon. Tie this to your gift and write on either side of the tag you have made.

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