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Simple tips to prevent water damage in your home

2807533366_e31fba6ce8_z You should look for signs of water damage at regular intervals. Check the windows and doors for signs of water leakage, especially in the rainy season. If there is leakage, you will find the corners damp and peeling paint. Also, check the caulking of windows. In many homes, water leakage happens through the roof. If necessary, change the shingles. Leaks are common around the chimney and pipes. Measure the distance of the spot in the ceiling from where water is dripping to the nearest wall. Go out and measure the same distance from the wall to the top of the roof. Termite infestation weakens wooden beams and ceilings. This too can cause water leakage. If your home is infested with termites, then you have to inspect wooden doors, windows and ceilings for signs of water leakage. Find out if any of the plumbing vents has been damaged in any way or if water is getting clogged. Regular maintenance is the best way of preventing your home from severe water damage. Use flashings around every door, window and the chimney to minimize the chances of water leakage. 3759659175_8a7c4b9b8a_z Make sure that all the vents of your house have hoods to prevent water from coming inside the house. If water comes inside your house then remove the rugs and carpets from wooden floors. Use air conditioning machines and fans to dry the water. To decrease the effect of water damage you have to move furniture, paintings, and valuables to a dry place. Consult professional plumbers to fix water drainage issues. Clean the drainage pipes regularly for preventing garbage, dust and fallen autumn leaves from clogging them. Summary: Water damage can ruin your house slowly. The damages are not always apparent or visible. You will have to look for the signs of damage.]]>

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