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Simple tips for picking the right awning for your home

6933379545_b173cf3663_z Finding a Place to Install You can install the awning on the outdoors as it offers a lot of protection. You can use it to store your gardening tools, store detachable outdoor furniture, or to simply extend your outdoor space. So, the ideal spot for it would be the porch or patio. They can also be placed against doors, windows or entrance ways for protection from sun, wind or rain. It will cut down the heat that filters in and while letting light pass through and keep the room cool, thus you can save on energy bills. 63734178_7e70a3e4b7_z Different Types of Awnings You can choose from one of the many awning styles that are available-

  • Waterfall
  • Quarterbarrel
  • Straightedge traditional
  • Gable walkway
  • Double bar standard
  • Dome-style
  • Semi-circular (often used for entryways)
You can customize the awning to match your house décor and trim the edges into Russian Point, scalloped, gothic or serpentine styles. Awnings are available in a wide variety of shapes and textures and can blend in with any type of house exterior. Also, they can be easily retracted or extended as per your needs. So, if you want to let the sunlight into the house, you can simply retract the awning and extend it when you feel like it. 6789668397_d258d87185_z Choosing the Right Awning Awnings come in different fabrics in materials, chief among them are cotton, polyester, vinyl-laminated, resin, mesh, acrylic, aluminium and canvas. The fabric can be customized with colors and patterns but these will require regular maintenance. Light colored awnings are preferable as they do not trap heat but help in reflecting sunlight. You can lay down awning carpet or groundsheet to provide protection to the pitch. In fact, if you are pitching the awing in the garden then the avoid laying the awning carpet or groundsheet as they do not let the grass below to breath. Summary You can choose the right awning for your house based on its utility and the décor of your house. If you are choosing it for your residence, to be placed permanently, you might not want it to look like a camping extension.]]>


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