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Setting up the swamp cooler for summer

How_to_Operate_a_Swamp_Cooler_3015270_460 Steps to Prepare Your Swamp Cooler Before Summer Arrives

  • Padding up – In the fall season, stores sell swamp cooler pads at discounted rates, this makes it a good time to get replacements if your old pads have become brittle.  If the pads are too old they will not absorb water efficiently and thus affect the cooling.
  • Pad Variety – There are two types of pads available for swamp coolers, one with wood shavings and other is a porous material. Both are equally good and allow water and air to penetrate the pad and produce even flow of cool air into the house.
  • Pump and Motor – Replace the pump and motor if it sounds sluggish. Again, you can purchase these replacements in fall at discounted rates. In addition, you can install it and pack it away in winter itself. Also, inspect the belt that turns the motor, in normal conditions it should be smooth and free of cracks. If they are frayed then replace them.
  • Cooler Cover – Inspect the cooler body or cover to check for rust. It must be drained completely of all the water before packing it at the end of summer. If you hadn’t drained it the previous summer, drain it now. Check for rust spots and if you find any, rub them down with steel wool and spray a clear coat to protect it from further damage.
  • Cleaning the Cooler – Clear all the debris from the cooler bottom as these can get caught in the pump and damage it.
  • Lubricate the Motor – Add oil to lubricate the motor if it doesn’t need replacing. Usually a little cap flips open to add oil. Read the user manual to find out if there are other spots that need lubrication.
  • Cover the Cooler – You can cover the cooler in off-seasons to protect the pad and motor from dust, moisture and other elements that may harm it. If your cooler is a permanent unit then the cover will also help in insulating your rooms in summer.
Summary: Swamp coolers are inexpensive to operate than refrigerated air, and if you crack open a window, it will circulate the fresh air from outside after circulating it through the room.]]>


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