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Rove Beetles: Natural indicators for ‘clear-cut harvesting’ consequences

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Man has for ages devastated and exploited the nature’s resources, without looking back to find the ailment they left to their surrounding environment. But, for the environmentalists and conservationists concerned about the indiscriminate man-made exploitations, there are several natural indicators that can well tell one of the prevailing problems.

The humble rove beetle is one such ‘indicator’. They can well tell us a lot about the effects of harvesting on forests species. The beetles can indicate practices of clear-cut harvesting and regeneration. And, thus can be used as an example of how species react to harvesting.

John Spence, professor of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta said,

We felt beetles were excellent candidates for this study because they are abundant and diverse, easily sampled, inhabit a variety of niches and are very sensitive to habitat change.

The rove beetles are very sensitive to harvesting. With a forest area being harvested, it has been found that many forest species, including the rove beetles have decreased dramatically.

But, even if a forest is regenerated, the beetles are never back to their original numbers, as it can never fully replicate the full characteristics of the older forest it replaced.

Thus, insects like the rove beetles can be used enormously as a potential indicator – be it of habitat change or recovery.

Proving an increasing use in conservation studies, these insects can be on-spot indicators to help check the merciless loggers or the agriculturists from further devastation.


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