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Rising sea-levels will devour 44% of NW tidal flats in 100 years: Report

puget sound beaches

The predictions of the aftereffects of global warming are nerve-wrecking! Scientists each day come up predicting a ‘devastating future’ to be brought on by climate change – be it wiping several species out of the planet, rising sea levels, coral devastations, sinking banks and beaches, creating millions of refugees etc.

One such prediction is well-made for the Puget Sound beaches. In a newly released report, the National Wildlife Federation warns that global warming will be having its bite on the region’s beaches, by deluging its tidal flatlands, harming the salmon habitat hugely in turn.

The alarming report claims about 19 square miles of dry land in the Willapa Bay, Columbia River and Tillamook Bay area in northwestern Oregon that are to be lost!

Drowning the 19 square miles of extensive tidal flats and beaches areas is a matter of huge concern, both for the environment as well as economy – the whole system seems to collapse, with the salt water’s moving inland!

Just another 100 years to go – and region will lose as much as 44 percent of tidal flats. 13 percent of inland fresh marshes and 25 percent of tidal fresh marshes will also disappear along with it.
Salt water will swallow up the swamps, converting the marsh into tidal flats.

What more horrifying future can be expected! But, this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. The world may get a complete makeover, similar to the mega-destructions that occurred about 65 million years ago!


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