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Retro Fab:The 60’s retro style kitchen

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Retro Era

There is definitely something about the retro age that brings it back into picture from generation to generation. From fashion to home décor, retro style has always evolved with the reflection of positive outlook. When it comes to décor, traditional look has always captured the glance from furniture to decoration. But, the most striking segment has always been a kitchen. So, in case you’re inclined for giving a new looking, why not go retro? The 60’s retro look is a great way to go back into old times.
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Lively Old

A retro style kitchen is a great way to give your home a retro look, and have never always succeeded in adding a touch of modernity. The 60’s look is thought to be bold enough and adds a touch of modernity by mixing contemporary with antique. The sixties kitchen flaunted wooden units painted in delicious pastel colors, or metal such as steel and those cool space age appliances. The design basically focused on color and natural light. So, getting the traditional look is not that difficult at all, you just need few ideas from the retro age.

Old is Gold

It’s always nice to something that is lost long back. So if you too are willing to inculcate some traditional 60’s look, here are few tips for you.

1) Colors: Bold and pastel colors have always fascinated the era, so you can give a touch of natural tones with these bold shades.

2) Kitchen cabinets: You can either opt for the entire wooden cabinets, or use bright colors like deep reds, bold reds or bright blues for the perfect retro look. Contrasting them with neutral backdrop also gives the bold look.

3) Worktops and tiles: A blue work top and some blue and yellow tiles also takes your hub back to retro age.

4) Floor tiles: If you have opted for a wooden look, you can make use of wooden tiles for the flooring. However, a combination of black and white check tiles complements any bright and sober look.

5) Handles: Since, the 60’s era made use of metallic handles like chrome, you too can opt for these handles as they go pretty well with the bold as well as any look.

6) Kitchen Appliances: The best way to get back to the time is getting in some kitchen appliances like a kettle, toaster, an espresso maker, stove, and what really will bring about a great effect are microwaves and 60s-era General Electric fridge. Trust me they are not that bad.

7) Furniture: Also the chairs and dining table can be replaced with metallic or wooden look.

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