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Researchers at Leiden University discover CO2 extracting catalyst

carbon dioxide

Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands have tripped upon a catalyst, which can pulling out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into organic compound. The copper-based catalyst is not the first catalyst with a metal core that is capable of drawing CO2 from a gas stream, but it is the first that when faced with air, prefers to couple with oxygen molecules.

The team led by Elisabeth Bouwman claims that as of now the copper-based compound is not a practical method of extracting CO2 on large scale, but they hope it will certainly day remove the ubiquitous greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, turning it into organic chemicals in the near future. The researchers have so far been successful in obtaining a conversion rate that has cycled the system just six times in seven hours. Although, tens of thousands of cycles per hour are required for efficient conversion, but this beginning is not too bad.

Via: CleanTechnica

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