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Recession proof home décor ideas to ensure a refreshing look

painting2 Rummage through Storage Cabinets Before throwing everything in the storage away in the garbage truck or a garage sale, look through the items carefully. There are high chances that you would find stuff, including old paintings, wall hangings, vases, rugs, quilts and even furniture, that you can e reuse. When clean and spruce them up, these can add an important update to your rooms. kitchen plate decoration Think about Repurposing Did you know that you could repurpose many used items in the house for something else? Let us take a few examples. You can drape cloth napkins over existing curtains to create creative window treatments. You can also sew a couple of napkins together and stuff them with cotton to create throw pillows, or how about making end table cloths or doilies with them? A used quilt can be repurposed by throwing it over the back of a loveseat or couch. Bring in that old rug, and throw in some stuffed pillows for a new look altogether. Cut up and sew old sheets and blankets to create kitchen chair pads, table runners or chair cases. Use old canning jars as flower vases, seeders or even candle holders. Your imagination counts here. Dining-Chairs-Urban-Chic-Furniture-Design-Casino-Interior-Decorating-Ideas A Re-Coloring Job Maybe all that your house needs is a fresh coat of paint. This would also be one of the easiest ways to make your home look brighter and better. However, if you can’t afford to repaint the entire house, consider changing the colors of the curtains and furniture upholstery to get an updated look. Summary Home redecorations do not necessarily need to cost a bomb. All you need to do is sit down and think about how you can repurpose the stuff you already have in your home. Bringing in items from the storage, changing the curtains and upholstery and rearranging furniture are just some of the things you can do to make your home look refreshed. You can think about other options as well, and turn your house over without even spending a dime.]]>


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