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Reasons for counter top replacement

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  • Replacing your counter top can give your kitchen a new life
  • Using materials like marble, quartz and granite ensure durability
  • It gives you an ideal work surface because It is heat resistant
  • It is sanitary therefore keeping your work area germ free
  • Easy to clean and water-resistant
Though the counter tops are part of our kitchen cabinet, they may not necessarily be made of the same material. Reason being that while the cabinet is there to store and place things, the counter top acts as the work area, hence it is frequently used and exposed to all conditions. The most important benefit to consider when replacing counter tops is its durability. Counter tops made from Quartz, Granite and Marble are durable, can stand heat and they are easy to clean and maintain.  That may not be the case of their wooden counterpart. Soapstone countertop for your kitchen Steel countertops are usually found in industrial kitchens for their durability and for sanitary purpose, as they won’t mask any stain or impurities. Replacing your counter top will increase the ease with which you function in the kitchen. The bigger the area, the better, thereby increases its efficiency. Some counter tops can actually double as an eating area. While a wooden countertop is susceptible to retaining moisture or scratch marks, their stone counterparts are functionally more efficient. They don’t soak or retain moisture and they cannot be easily scratched or worn out.  Other materials are tiles, concrete, Formica, soft or hard wood, and plastic, the more expensive the better durability, the most common being the natural stone or granite counter top. 4812865461_6e1dbc828b_z Counter top replacement is a process of reworking an already existing kitchen. This can depend on the taste and lifestyle of the user, as well as the purpose for which it is used. A worn out kitchen or surface will receive an instant face-lift, when the counter top is replaced, thereby giving a new zest to the owner. If the property is up for sale, be it a house, or a restaurant, bakery or an industrial area, a new and replaced counter top will add value to it and help to sell at a profit.  Replacing your counter top has a great impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen or bathroom. Summary While some will suggest refinishing as a cheaper option to total counter top replacement, it is of uttermost importance to consider and weigh the pros and cons. While refinishing may be cheaper because it involves combining what is on ground with other materials, total counter replacement is beneficial because they are easy to maintain and durable.]]>


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