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Pronkkast wardrobe lets you show off your new dresses

pronkkast wardrobe

What is the first thing you do when you buy a new dress? Well, most of us flaunt it around, and would not like to see it locked in a wardrobe, after all it’s human nature. Understanding human nature, a designer from Dik & Stijlloos, Mathilde Alders, designs the wardrobe so that you can show off your new shopping. Credited as “Pronkkast,” the traditional French oak wardrobe will not only let you lock your garments, but also flaunt a few of them. The wardrobe offers a place to hang your new dresses or any of the accessories on the shelves and hanging rails that can slide out of both sides. I just love it; I think it’s just the right time to shop for some new dresses to make my friends envious.

pronkkast wardrobe1
pronkkast wardrobe2

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