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Precautions for home protection when you are on a holiday

Photograph by Jeff Werner 1.      House hit by Fire: The wiring of your house is as important as its decor. While going out, care must be taken for proper external wiring. Fire may also be caused due to lightning and storms. Lightning rods should be installed with the help of a professional. Make sure there is proper earthing or grounding of metal rods and wires to avoid fire from breaking out. 1008 2.      Garden Care: You need not to worry if your garden is old and well established. However, special care needs to be taken for a newly planted garden before going on a holiday. Mixing Terra – Sorb with the garden soil will prevent the drying of plant roots. Container plants can alternatively be planted near a bathtub with some water and a rope dipped in. The rope works like a wick and provides water to the plant. Santa Ana winds: San Pasqual Street 3.      Tree Fall on the Roof: With heavy rains and strong winds, there is quite a possibility of the nearby tree or its branches falling on your roof. This can be tackled well in advance by consulting an arborist who will evaluate the trees, which are likely to fall and trim the tree limbs too close to your house. flood_damage 4.      Whole House Floods: Take care to turn off water supply to your house, especially, in the washing area and the water heaters. Have a check on the water heater’s rods for any signs of rusting. Such rods should be immediately displaced and water supply should be cut. 167184563 5.      Protection against Thieves: Declaration of your holiday plans in the public through social web sites by you or your children could prove to be an invitation to online criminals, in search of such opportunities. An uncut lawn with heaps of newspaper adds to this. Ask your neighbor to have a look into your house frequently. Summary: By following simple tips, you can have a quality time with your family and friends and you will return back only to find your home as you left it.]]>


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