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Powering your homes with renewable energy resources

461304465 The traditional renewable energy resources are sunlight and wind, which are converted into usable energy for powering our homes by using solar panels and wind turbines. By using renewable energy for your household needs you can cut down the total daily carbon emission from your house and reduce your personal carbon footprint. Whenever energy is produced by burning non-renewable energy resources, harmful pollutants spread in the surrounding atmosphere. By switching to renewable energy, you can cut down your energy bills and save the environment as well. 177754138   Solar panels and solar PV systems are good renewable energy options. You can produce sufficient power at home by using solar panels and solar PV systems for lights, fans, water heating and other necessities. The cost of installing solar panels may vary from $10,000 to $20,000. Despite of the hefty initial costs you will stay in profit as solar panels will reduce your energy bills. Generally, we mount solar panels on the top of the roof or install at the backyard. You can save the energy produced by solar panels and sell it to get back the money you have invested. Look for solar panels or solar PV systems that come with at least 10 years warranty so that you can get the service worth all that money. 3186143355_4840fb7620_z Wind turbines are also good renewable energy option as it can cut down your current energy bills by 15%. A small wind turbine will cost you around $5000. You can also opt for cheaper options worth $1,000. State, Federal and utility tax credits make wind turbines a profitable option for the homeowners. Hydrogen fuel cells are another stable and modern renewable energy option for us. This type of cells creates electricity, water, oxygen and heat using the hydrogen separated from natural gas. The only disadvantage of the hydrogen fuel cells are the huge initial cost. It may cost above $20,000 to get one installed at your home. People who live by the side of rivers or streams can opt for micro hydro energy systems that require constant flow of water and costs around $3000. Summary: Renewable energy resources are being utilized optimally for producing electricity and reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. We should explore the renewable energy producing options available to us.]]>


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